Imperial Communication System

Imperial Communication System, was designed to add a static burst/click after every voice transmission. When used with an Aker Voice amplifier you will find that you now have a very authentic radio transmission effect. We designed the iComm to be simple to operate and reliable to use. The iComm comes with its own self contained box (the J-Box) that will protect the card from potential damage when worn with a costume. We also designed the iComm to have just the basic features you need to sound authentic. The iComm can operate with a Push to Talk (PTT) cable or with Voice Activation (VOX). In addition, you will have the capability of selecting specific sounds on the card that you want to use after every transmission.
8 different static burst sounds Random static burst mode
Individual sound mode
Push to Talk activation
Voice (VOX) activation
Plug and Play design
Dimensions: 3.12in x 2.25in x 0.75in
Weight: 2.3oz
Imperial Communication System
Protective J-Box
PTT Cable
Operation Manual
Not included: Voice Booster Amplifier, Microphone, 3.5mm patch cable.
• The iComm is made in USA and is the sole property of the owner and inventors. All Rights reserved.
•• The iComm was designed and developed by the team of JK Global Trading LLC, Bruehl Consult, and TK Products LLC.